Monday, July 5, 2010

Where's the fire hose when you need it?

Apparently, a 20 minute afternoon nap does not a happy baby make. When you take that crabby baby, and then add daddy's decision to try baby lasagna (with pasta!) for the first time, this is your result:

I think the high chair graffiti in the background is my favorite part.

According to the cause of this mess (yeah, that would be Steve), she wasn't such a fan of the pasta pieces, so a lot of the meal ended up on her face. Then, because she was tired, she spent a lot of time rubbing her eyes.

And obviously, the results were impressive.

Apparently, even Steve's skills at the baby bathing were no match for this mess, since there's still lasagna sauce up her nose and a slightly reddish-colored eyebrow to match. This is definitely her best food related performance to date.

Lessons learned from this experience?

One, naps! Naps are important! There will be no more skipping naps, if I can help it. The sanity of the entire family depends on it.

And two? Baby lasagna sucks.

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