Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So sleepy. Again.

Interesting fact of the week: I may be starting to miss the newborn sleep schedule.

Ok, not the newborn sleep schedule, so much, since I didn't sleep for more than 2-3 consecutive hours for the first month or so of Brigid's life, but after that? Those couple of months when I knew I could put her down for the night, and she'd actually stay down for the night? Those were good times. I liked those times.

I miss those times.

I'm not sure what has gotten into this poor child, but we are back to unpredictable sleep schedules and midnight wake-up calls and an overnight bottle here and there, and Steve and I are not enjoying it one bit. See, I think my kid, she's got a temper. And while she knows how to put herself back to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night, sometimes she's just pissed off to find herself alone, and she wants to be held while she sleeps. And as sweet as it is to hold Brigid while she's sleeping, 5am comes way too early for me (or Steve, as was the case last night) to spend two hours putting her back down for the third time in one night.

(That frantic, hyperventilating sound you hear? That's my mother-in-law slowly freaking out over the prospect of a weekend alone with my child. I'm sorry, Karen! I'll make sure Steve brings you back something nice from Denver...)

Maybe it's the teeth that are lurking just under the gums that are waking her up. Maybe she's not getting enough to eat before she goes to bed. Maybe she's just testing her boundaries.

Maybe she knows mommy is terrified of flying and thinks a week of no sleep will help her pass the plane ride more peacefully, in an unconscious kind of way.

Or maybe, just maybe, she's simply a baby, and babies are unpredictable, and I just need to suck it up.

This kid is lucky she's so cute...

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