Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Pictures! Finally!

I took the pictures of Brigid when we had our little family Christmas the weekend before we went to my in-laws' house for the actual holiday.  Steve was responsible for the actual holiday pictures while we were at his parents'.  I finally pulled them up today, and let me tell you...there were more (and better) pictures of the creepy turkey vulture buzzing around his parents' house on Christmas Eve than there were of my sweet little girl.

Way to document the milestones, there, honey.

Anyway, I will spare you the turkey vulture, and I'll just share these with you instead...

(And yes, we did use the same Christmas pajamas for every big Christmas event of the season.  A fact that I'm just realizing now, while uploading these pictures...)

Press the button...

 Watch him start to dance...

And hightail it the hell out of there when he starts to move towards you...
(Don't worry, Mickey has grown on her...there's no hiding anymore.) 

A new baby doll...thanks, dad!

Reading the Nativity story...and trying to teach her the meaning of Christmas right from the start.

Trying to take mommy's temperature...with the Bert thermometer.
(Seriously, Sesame Street has its name on EVERYTHING!) 

So there you have it...one amazing kid, one amazing Christmas.  I hope your holidays were just as great!

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