Monday, January 3, 2011

What a goof

This kid.  Sometimes, that's all I can say about her. 

She is apparently going through this random, exorcist-sounding screaming phase right now because there was an excess of creepy yelling this weekend.  There is yelling when the dogs are bothering her.  There was yelling when she was in her crib and she didn't want to be anymore.  There was yelling when she wasn't happy with her lunchtime choices.

Actually, there was pretty much yelling for just about anything that she was not 100% on board with.  It was not pleasant.

But then, there's also this...

How do you not just absolutely love that?  Screaming and all...

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  1. Ah! MY LITTLE S IS YELLING, TOO! Just over the past week or so, she screams so high pitched at random things. At the dinner table, while Mommy is going potty and she wants me UP, when the dog is outside... It's so strange! But they are too darn cute to let it get to us, right?!


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