Friday, January 28, 2011

The Next Jillian Michaels

So, Brigid may be young, but I'm starting to think that the child has a lot to offer those of us who might be looking to transition to a healthier lifestyle.  I know I'd do well to take some of her advice...

Always eat your vegetables.
The grilled ham and cheese I made her for lunch?  Well, it was tolerated because she was hungry.  The green beans I added as a side?  Holy cats.  You'd think those green beans were made of chocolate or something.  My kid, she loves her fruits and vegetables.  I have absolutely NO idea where she got that.

Stop eating when you're full.
Of course, I wouldn't recommend Brigid's indication of fullness in everyday life, as it basically consists of opening her mouth and letting whatever food may still be in there just fall out, but the general concept is a good one.

Never stop moving.
Well, she is a toddler, so I guess that one is pretty self explanatory.  My favorite, though, is the Brigid dance party that we have every so often.  It involves going to the basement, turning on the stereo, and spinning in circles until we can't walk in a straight line anymore.  Good times.

Get outside, whenever possible.
Oy.  The kid, she likes her outside time.  Try explaining to a 16-month old why she can't go outside when it's 35 and raining.  And if you've managed to do it, I'd love to hear how you managed to make it work. 

Get plenty of rest.
When you're constantly moving, I guess naptime just can't come soon enough.

I don't know about you, but I think we may be on to something here!


  1. Intuition is so amazing, isn't it? We really should take more advice from our kids. They're pretty smart. And awesome!

  2. Man, it really just shows how far we stray from what our bodies know when we're little!

    (although that mouth open food falling out thing? That I can do without!)

  3. HYSTERICAL. I love this. Especially the one about not eating after your full. It's not okay to just let the food fall out? But...what if I'm full?


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