Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just one more thing to make me nuts...

According to most child development websites (or whatever you'd call the sites that Google pulls up when you search 'what age do kids start talking?'), most babies start using actual words between 14-16 months. Meaning, right now, at 15 months and a couple of weeks, Brigid should have a word or two that Steve and I can recognize. But she doesn't.

Ordinarily, this wouldn't bother me, because with every milestone so far, I've pretty much figured she'd get to it when she got to it. And she has. But, when I took her in for her 12-month check-up, the pediatrician asked me if she was trying to repeat any words that she heard, and when I said no, she kind of glossed over it and moved on. And because I am paranoid, I took that to mean we were missing out on something already.

And now, I have her 15-month check-up scheduled for Friday, and I can already see the paperwork I have to fill out asking me to write down any words that Brigid can say, and I can see the pediatrician asking me if she's talking at all, and I can see her looking at me when I say no.

And I can see myself getting flustered and trying to explain how, I swear, one time she said 'nose'! When pointing at her nose! And I think sometimes she says 'stuck' when pulling on the faucet in the bathtub, because that's what I said to show her that it doesn't come off. And she definitely makes something along the lines of a 'vroom vroom' noise when playing with her toy car. That totally counts, right?!?!?

And since we're closing in on the 16-month mark, which is the age that Google says a pediatrician will request additional testing if your child isn't talking yet, I can see ourselves adding developmental doctors to the list of physicians we are familiar with in the Atlanta area. And I really, really, really don't want to have to do that.

In all reality, I don't think there is anything wrong with Brigid. I think she has her own way of getting her point across, and it's worked for her so far, and she just doesn't have any need for words right now. And our pediatrician is not really an alarmist when it comes to developmental milestones. But still...Google starts throwing around words that you don't want to see, and it's hard not to get worked up when you think your child might be falling behind. Already. At just over a year old.

That sound you hear? That's me banging my head against the wall, while telling myself to get over it already. I blame Google. And I blame myself for Googling, when I know I shouldn’t. It makes me ridiculous, even when I know I’m being ridiculous.

Like this parenting stuff wasn't already stressful enough...


  1. Oh honey. DEEP breaths.

    You really are making yourself crazy without knowing anything yet. Every child develops differently. And since your doctor didn't seem to be concerned when you said no, you shouldn't either.

    Don't worry until they give you something to worry about. I know, that's SO much easier said than done, but try to just enjoy being with her and not worrying about whether she's doing what she "should" be doing.

    Besides, no matter what, you're going to do what's best for her.

  2. Bridgid is COMPLETELY fine. And all parents freak out over stuff they shouldn't before they really know what's up. I do it all the time. But you're very right- as far as "milestones" go, every child is different. You know that. I know that. And B's pediatrician knows that! Everything will be fine.

  3. Been reading for a while, but this is my first comment. :-) My son is 19 months old, and at 15 months, he would say "ball". That's it. I was a little nervous as well, but my husband had to remind me that WE KNOW OUR KID BEST. And we kind of thought the same thing...he'll talk when he's ready to make the leap. At that time, he had JUST learned to walk, and was busy trying to navigate stairs, dogs, etc.

    Honestly, he just started to explode with words last month! And he's just now getting into the game where I say, "Can you say, (fill in the blank)" We do it in the car a lot.

    All that to say, please don't worry. YOU KNOW YOUR KID BEST, and if there was a reason to be concerned, you probably would be.

    I've enjoyed reading about your adventures with Brigid. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you all, so much! And thanks for the first comment, Meredith :)

    I know I'm probably getting myself all worked up over nothing, but hey...what are moms for, huh?

  5. don't worry...each kid does everything at their own pace...comparing her with just make you nuts...and you don't need that extra pressure


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