Thursday, January 27, 2011

Academic Decisions

Steve and I have this friend. She's a preschool teacher who works with special needs children, so she is all up on her child development knowledge. She's also a Jets fan. Which has nothing at all to do with this story, other than the fact that Steve went to watch the Jets-Patriots game with her and her husband a couple of weeks ago, and apparently, over the course of the game, they got to talking about preschools for Brigid. And apparently, Steve and I are waaaay behind in the preschool planning curve.

According to her, we should already have a place picked out. Even though we're not sending Brigid to preschool until she's at least three. And I haven't even exactly agreed to that, yet (because, you know, I have a problem with the whole 'growing up' thing and all...). It seems that we are setting our child up for a lifetime of struggles in the academic world. Starting with preschool.

Anyway, this got Steve to thinking, as he is prone to do when he starts to get bored during the day and is desperate for something to Google. And he started looking into Catholic preschools in our area. And he sent me a price list for one of the prep schools close by. And, based on 2010-2011 tuition fees, we're looking at (at least) $250K for Brigid's schooling, preschool (at two years old) through graduation.



Sorry, kid. That is so not happening.

Guess you'll just have to get by on your looks, instead.


  1. Bahaha! I certainly think she COULD get by on her looks!

    Geez, my daughter is going to be 4 in June, still isn't potty-trained (oh, the agony!) and we haven't done a thing about school yet. We have an idea of where we want to send her, but not much more than that.


  2. Ha! You could start your own school for future trophy wives. You could teach them how to coordinate their clothes (you rock at that), how to shop, bat their eyelashes, etc. If you lived in the right area *cough* Plano, TX *cough*, you could make a fortune!

  3. holla to living on your looks!! ;) good luck girl, that is a crazy amount of moolah. so not happening here either.


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