Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fashion Show!

This outfit was a Christmas present from our favorite Auntie Jess...and it was too cute not to use for a toddler photo shoot.

I'm not even going to share with you what exactly Brigid was doing under the table, because, believe me, you don't want to know. Let's just say, you'd be shocked at what that kid can make look cute...

I'm posting this as part of a link-up to Kimberly's Trendy Tots Tuesday, because who doesn't like adorable kids in adorable outfits?  Thanks, Kimberly!

Also, ordinarily, if I was posting on my own outfit, I'd do a quick rundown of what I was wearing, and where it was from.  Since this was a gift?  No idea.  I think the skirt and sweater were from Target, though.  And she's not wearing any shoes, because that kid never wears shoes if she can help it.  Or socks, for that matter.  She likes to let those piggies run free.  She's like her dad in that way...


  1. AH! So sweet! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous and trendy tot!

  2. Oh my word...that outfit is adorable but I think it's because SHE makes it so darn cute!!!

    She is precious! And she looks awesome in purple. :)


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