Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Month That Was - December

December. So that was a month, huh? Let me tell you what I learned this month...

I learned that I am beyond old.

I learned that my kid is a little bit of a brat, but that there is officially a way to bribe her to do things she doesn't necessarily want to do.

I learned that Brigid loves Gingerbread. And Bumble. And Christmas cookies. And snow. So basically, I learned that, with the exception of the snow thing, Brigid is most definitely my kid.

I learned that I am very much over the nanny search. And that the nanny search may be very much over! (Ok, technically I learned that one today when we found out that Steve will be on my four day office schedule now, but that he will have Mondays off instead of Fridays, negating the need for the once a week nanny. But still...yay!)

I learned that when in doubt, take the darn stroller with you when you plan to shop for longer than fifteen minutes at a time. And even then, it's sometimes better to err on the side of caution.

I learned that white Christmases will follow me wherever I go, whether I want them or not. Snow. Twice. In December. In Georgia. I am moving to Miami.

I learned that Christmas is still my favorite holiday, and that it's only going to get better with Brigid around to celebrate it with us. Because kids? At Christmas? Awesome.

And Brigid? Well, Brigid learned to raise her voice to the dogs and push them off of the ottoman when she wants to put her toys there.

It's nice to know I'm teaching her the important things in life.

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