Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby's first Chuck E Cheese visit

There just so happens to be a Chuck E Cheese about halfway between my office and my house. And because I am a seriously crazy germaphobe, we've never been before.

Until yesterday, when my mother-in-law decided it was too far to go to the movie theater she'd been planning to take Brigid to that afternoon, and too cloudy/rain-prone to take her to the park. Being only ten minutes away, I wasn't about to miss out of the fun...

I remember the place being a lot bigger (which I guess is pretty common when you revisit childhood locations0, with a lot more games, but that didn't seem to stop Brigid from having an excellent time.

And really, I had a pretty good time, too, although next time I'll need to remember to take the appropriate shoes with me.

It's just too hard to get into the proper stance for whack-a-mole in heels...


  1. I haven't been to Chuckie Cheese since I turned 18, but I do want to take Jacob sometime soon as I know he would love it! And I really like Skeeball.

  2. That place is not so bad if you go during non peak hours. We went to ours so much that they know us there and give Elizabeth free tickets.

  3. My boys love chuck E Cheese. I also remember it being a much bigger and fun place when I was a kid. When it is busy there i just cannot take the boys..too many people...a panic attack waiting to happen!!


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