Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas in Georgia

I did promise a week's worth of Christmas, did I not?

After our time in Indiana, we circled back home, via Steve's parents' house in north Georgia, where we stopped to pick up the dogs and open presents with the other side of the family. Brigid came home with a lovely wooden easel that I was very excited for her to get, until we got home and put it together...

...and I realized it was going to be up to us to keep her from coloring on the chalkboard with the dry erase markers and from coloring on the dry erase board with crayons, and ruining the whole present in the process.

Chalk it up to just one more parental stress no one warns you about before you have kids, I guess.


  1. I see those easels at people's houses and every time I wonder how they keep the kids from writing on the walls. Forget the wrong side of the easel. What about the walls and the furniture?

  2. Jacob got an easel as well and so far, he's been good although there was one time he painted his apron, the easel, and a pair of googles before I caught him. And he has no idea that there are dry erase markers! That makes me very scared.

  3. Get stock in Mr Eraser. Just go ahead and be prepared.

  4. We have that easel too...what a mess...the boys love it, but I find marker everywhere. We limit it to the basement, so at least they wont color on the dining room walls anymore!
    Love the bow...on the dog...ha!


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