Friday, January 27, 2012

Costco Run

I met Steve and Brigid at Costco for lunch today, because I needed to restock on my special Costco supplies, like spinach and string cheese and black bean burgers and bread. My list was pretty short, so I was confident we could get in and out for under $100, which is a major accomplishment in my household, similar to making it through Target for less than $50.

And then we made the mistake of walking the middle aisles.

Those stupid middle aisles get me EVERY TIME!

You see this chair, here? It might be the most perfect beach chair, ever.

It has backpack straps. It has a cupholder AND a cellphone holder. It lays ALL OF THE WAY BACK! FLAT! There's even a cooler on the back, for crying out loud.

And obviously, it's perfect for watching tv in the family room.
We bought two. And I did not get out of Costco for under $100. But I'm ok with that...

I wonder if this will fit in my carry-on when we fly to the Dominican Republic?

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