Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We'll all laugh about this someday...

As alluded to yesterday, Brigid has been having some issues in the 'movement' department.

(I know, I know. Two poop related posts in a row! I think this officially makes me a mommy blogger, or something...)

We thought, after this weekend, it was all cleared up, but apparently, we thought wrong.

Yesterday, around lunchtime, my mother-in-law called me to say that she thought Brigid may have a UTI, because she was grabbing at her diaper and SCREAMING at various intervals throughout lunch. She asked B if it hurt to potty, and B told her that it did, so I called the pediatrician to see if they had any openings in the afternoon, when we could get her in and get her checked. They scheduled us for 2:15pm, and off we went to see if there was anything wrong.

One very upset toddler and catheter combination later (seriously, Stephen, YOU OWE ME BIG TIME FOR PULLING PARENT DUTY ON THIS OUTING!@!#@), we were informed that everything was clear, and she was just the victim of a little external irritation that we needed to watch, if only to make sure it didn't get worse.

And everyone went home happy, right?

Oh, That's actually when my pediatrician mentioned that she 'felt something in Brigid's abdomen' that she wanted to have checked right away. She thought B was most likely just constipated, but to be on the safe side, she wanted to send us for X-rays to make sure it wasn't anything serious. Comforting, no?

Well, off we went to the imaging center at the hospital, and one short hour and a couple of X-ray scans later, we were sent home with the knowledge that our pediatrician would be calling that evening with the results. And call, she did, with the announcement that Brigid was, in fact, still constipated, and we just needed to get some Miralax into her body and some additional fiber into her diet.

So, if you're keeping track at home, that's two trips to the hospital in the last month, with two series of X-rays taken, and two different diagnoses of ear infection and constipation.

Sometimes, I just feel like we're doing it all wrong.

(I am actually very happy that our pediatrician treats everything with the utmost caution. I really am. We would switch pediatricians in a heartbeat if we thought she was brushing off our concerns with no regard. And I am beyond grateful that nothing serious has been turned up in either instance.

But still...two series of X-rays. For an ear infection and constipation. My insurance company hates me right now, don't they?)

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