Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Morning

Nothing like a little Christmas recap, almost three weeks after the fact, huh? I pulled the pictures off of my camera this weekend, finally, so expect a lot of catch-up this week...

We spent Christmas morning at my parents' house, which is always my favorite way to spend the day. My baby sister is a senior in high school, still living at home, while my middle sister lives a couple of miles down the road, and her and her fiance drive over early so we can all spend the morning together. There's coffee, and breakfast casserole (which my mom started adding to the morning tradition when we were kids, after one too many Christmas breakfasts of nothing but chocolate let to one too many Christmas afternoons of nausea), and presents, and music.

Oh, and there are Christmas poppers, with paper crowns, which might have been Brigid's favorite part of EVERYTHING. She's obsessed with the darn things...

(Ok, not her favorite part of everything, really, since the talking Belle doll my mom and dad got her, combined with the Disney Princess beauty set my sister got her, have gotten a lot of playtime since we got home, but still...she loves those crowns.)


And these would be all of the pictures I got of the day itself, as Brigid started crying on the way to my grandmother's that afternoon, stopped for a very short time while we were there, then started up again on the way to my aunt and uncle's for dinner.

At which point she threw up on Steve, my aunt and uncle's guest bed, and their couch, before we hightailed it on out of there and headed back to my parents.

Christmas with kids.

What are you going to do, right?

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  1. christmas with kids...there is always a funny story that comes along with it. but, they are the ones who make it so fun, too! darling pictures!


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