Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Indiana Aunties!

This is Aunt Mary. She was the baby of the family for sixteen years, before I up and ruined her life by making our parents grandparents. Now it's all Brigid, all of the time, and poor Mary can barely even get her tennis pictures and newspaper articles posted on the fridge, unless they're being held up by magnets with my kid's face all over them.

She is not happy about this turn of events.

This is Aunt Jess, with Aunt Mary. She was the baby for nine years, before Mary came along, and I'm really not sure she's over that whole event, even now. All of the pictures of Mary's first birthday include a very sullen Jessie, sitting on the couch, plotting a way to overthrow the festivities.

She thinks payback is both a bitch and pretty entertaining to watch, too.

My sisters are awesome.

(PS: Both of my sisters love each other. And me. And Brigid, for that matter. But this will not stop me from mocking them both relentlessly for anything and everything I can think of, for all time. Because I am the oldest, and they both deserve it. So there.)

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