Thursday, March 11, 2010

At least she waited until she was clean...

Bedtime is usually crabtime around my house. From 7pm-8pm, it's all we can do to keep Brigid happy through a solid feeding, a bath, and a bottle. Her favorite part of this process is laying on the changing table in her diaper, right after I've dried her off and before I get her dressed for bed. She smiles and giggles and grabs at my hair and just generally has a grand ol' time. Once I try to get her sleeper on, though, all hell breaks loose. And last night, oh boy. Last night was worse than normal.


Because to get her dressed last night, I had to take away what has suddenly become the GREATEST TOY OF ALL TIME!!!

Yes, that is her foot in her mouth.

Yes, that is the first time she's managed to get that foot in her mouth with no help from daddy, who has been pushing this process for some unknown reason.

Yes, there was some heavy breathing involved, as it seems to take a lot of focus and energy to get the foot to the mouth and keep it there. Who knew?

Yes, I did find the entire process adorable and hilarious.

Oh, the things that pass for entertainment these days...

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