Thursday, March 25, 2010

One down!

Aaaaaand, we’re clear.

The pulmonologist office visits are officially off of the table! Woo!

The final round of the synagis shots happened today, and Brigid (and her lungs) were given the ok by the nurse practitioner, meaning we don’t have to go back anymore in the near future, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I feel like the fewer specialists we have to see, the healthier I can claim my kid is. That may not be entirely true, but I’m going to run with it anyway. We’ll revisit the situation again next fall with our insurance company and cardiologist, just to see if we qualify for another flu and cold season of shots, but until then, there’s one less visit we have to make.

And, here’s probably where you stop reading if you’re not a grandparent who cares about every single weigh in Brigid has, or if you’re not her mother who is currently using the internet as her very own version of a baby book…

Same drill as usual, of course…there’s still a murmur, but she’s perfectly healthy beyond that. She weighed in at 16lbs 5oz, and she’s 25 ¾ inches long. According to my old favorite,, this puts her in the 69th percentile in weight (compared to 64th percentile after the January shots) and the 64th percentile in height (compared to 75th percentile in January). Somebody is getting short and chubby. It’s nice to know she takes after her mother in some regard! Well, the short she gets from me, at least. I don’t want to claim responsibility for the chubby part. She’s in the 63rd percentile for weight vs length, so I figure she’s still just about perfect.

But we knew that already.

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