Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I think I mentioned before that my kid is a big Jason Mraz fan. I don't think I mentioned just how much she loves him.

When I was pregnant, I listened to his music pretty much every time I was in the car. Something about it just made me happy, and it kept me as calm as it could keep me on my morning/afternoon commute. I mean, he can only do so you know how many idiots are on the roads these days? It's ridiculous. But he did his best. And I appreciated the effort. Anyway, there's apparently something to be said for that whole thing about babies in the womb picking up what's going on around them in the outside world, because pick it up, she did.

I'm not sure when we realized that Jason Mraz's music was magic, but it was a pretty big revelation when it hit. We have his episode of Sesame Street recorded on DVR, along with a 30 minute Farm Aid mini concert. She is enthralled by both. Norah Jones on Sesame Street? It does nothing for her. Jason Mraz? He can stop a fit, mid-fit.

Last Friday, my brother-in-law watched the baby while Steve and I went with his mom and sister to see Fiddler on the Roof (loved it, by the way, but I've been excessivley weepy since pregnancy (who am I kidding, I've always been excessively weepy, but it's definitely gotten worse), and I basically cried through the entire second half of the show). During the second act, I got a text message that said 'Just made it through our first crying fit. After a couple of rounds of Jason Mraz and pacing the room, she is back out.'


Last Sunday, Steve and I were in the car with Brigid during what should have been her afternoon naptime. I thought she'd fall right asleep, but she wasn't going down without a fight. When we progressed to the fussing and the crying, I pulled up some JM on my phone, and she was out after 30 seconds. Maybe a minute, at the most.


I'm glad we've found something that calms her down, but doesn't drive the adults in the room up the wall (Well, it doesn't drive me up the wall. I think Steve may be getting tired of it, though...). I just wonder if she'll remember this when she gets older. I guess I know she won't remember this in particular, but I wonder if the Jason Mraz love will stick with her, or if this will just be something we tell her stories about someday down the road. I still laugh at the fact that my youngest sister was told not to sing songs she heard on the radio to her kindergarten class because her favorite song was The Thong Song. Of course, she grew out of that, and I don't even know if she remembers it now. But my middle sister and I still love to listen to Poison, Unskinny Bop, which was one of our favorite songs when we were younger (although we had NO IDEA what it meant, obviously). In fact, to Steve's family, this song kind of defines's even my ringtone on my sister-in-law's phone. This fact should probably not be something I'm proud of, but what can I say? The song is a classic!

I think if Steve does start to get annoyed with I'm Yours on repeat, I will gently remind him that he should just be happy that Brigid seems to have better taste in music than her mother. It could have been so much worse.

Because the other music I listened to on repeat last summer? New Kids on the Block. Between that and Poison, I think we shoul be pretty happy with what we got.

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