Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend round-up

What did I do this weekend?

I cleaned. I cleaned like a crazy person cleans. I vacuumed and dusted and steam cleaned the carpets and wiped down the cabinets and sanitized the bathrooms. I made up the guest rooms and I washed the rugs and I even folded my clean laundry this time around...including the loads from last week that hadn't quite made it to the closet yet.

(Why yes, my family is coming into town next weekend. How'd you know?)

Apparently freshly steam cleaned carpets are animal code for toilet, because I woke up to a hairball and a potty spot in my bedroom on Sunday morning. I know who the hairball came from, but I don't know who provided the urine just yet. I have my suspicions, though. Let's just say our oldest animal has been a little disgruntled since we moved to Georgia...

Also, Steve may or may not have given us both some 'stomach issues' (don't worry, no details...) with his homemade cheese. In retrospect, homemade cheese is maybe never a good idea.

Thank heavens for Mandi, and her very, very timely invite to see Chelsea Handler on Sunday night. I love any excuse to hang out with Mandi, of course, and Chelsea Handler was pretty friggin' hilarious. It was just enough of a sanity booster to (hopefully) get me through the week ahead. Because, oh yes, Steve is out of town for work. So that should be fun for all involved.

You stay classy, Atlanta.

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  1. Homemade cheese? How did I not get an invite to come over and try that? J/k. Making mold at home doesn't sound like a good idea! Glad you enjoyed the show, I did too!


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