Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kiss me, I'm Irish

St. Patrick's Day is pretty much the biggest holiday of the year at my house (after Christmas for me and Halloween for Steve, of course). And yes, I realize I really dropped the ball on this post, but it's not entirely my fault. I didn't even know these pictures existed until today, and I think they need to be shared. These days, if anything gets done at all, it's a pretty big deal, so better late than never, I say.

So on that note, here we go...the story of baby's first St. Patrick's Day:

I'm not entirely sure, but I think she may be flipping Steve the bird in this one...

'Whoa, man. One too many...'

'Hey! I have feet.'

'Dude. Seriously. Just leave me alone.'

'What is with you and the camera, man?'

'Yes, I'm cute. Now put down the camera, and just give me my dinner already.'

And that's how we celebrated St. Patty's Day this year.

The End.

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