Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Increased expenses I wasn't expecting when I had a baby...

1) Batteries - Of course, I knew the number of batteries we needed would increase at some point, I just didn't expect it to happen immediately after Brigid was born. Everything that has anything to do with the baby? It requires batteries.

2) Ibuprofen - All of those batteries? It's because everything for the baby makes a noise. OH. MY. GAH!

3) Water - The laundry! The dishes! The bathing!

4) Electricity - See laundry and dishes, above. Also? Air conditioning. In March. Because it happened to get warm outside one day, and the house was 78, and it can't be too warm for the baby.

5) Natural Gas - Because it also can't be too cold for the baby.

6) Trash bags - Sometimes, you forget and throw a dirty diaper directly into the garbage can. When that happens, you are definitely not waiting to fill up that bag before taking it out.

7) Wine - Totally kidding, of course. I absolutely expected that expense to go up after the baby.

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