Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I could use some sunshine, people!

Completely unrelated to the baby, today started off on a less than stellar note. First, let me preface this story by saying it snowed in Atlanta yesterday. Yes, AGAIN. No, I did not move south so I could use my snow boots on a regular basis. Yes, I’d consider moving on down to Miami, but this winter has been so craptastic, even Florida has had no sun for months. No, I haven’t felt this on edge and lacking in vitamin D since my last winter in South Bend. And yes, I am officially OVER winter. GAH!


Because of the snow, we had early dismissal yesterday around lunchtime, and I took my laptop home with me so I could check for afternoon email (best intentions, and all of that…I actually got busy with the baby and never even bothered turning the thing on, but whatever). And because I’m an idiot, I left my computer at home this morning. Seriously. I made the 30-40 minute drive downtown, parked in the parking garage, took the elevator up to the 16th floor, walked to my desk, and immediately smacked myself in the head like the people in those stupid V8 commercials when I realized my computer was still at home on my kitchen table.


And honestly, want to know what bothered me the most about this little incident? It wasn’t the hour and a half I spent in my car this morning, or the pothole that almost swallowed my car that I normally avoid but didn’t on my second trip into the office because IT WAS MY SECOND TRIP, or the fact that I have to work late because I was an hour late to work. I think the reason I was so annoyed at myself was the thought of the gas I wasted getting back and forth to the office twice today. Yes, I am that cheap. And no, I don’t care who knows it.

(That little rant, right there? That more or less sums up my mood from the last month. Pretty sure that’s the reason Steve is packing up the baby and heading to the lake this weekend, leaving me at home with the dogs. To say I have been less than pleasant lately would be a HUGE understatement.)

On to a more pleasant topic! Or not...

For the past two nights, Brigid has completely soaked through her diaper. We’re talking diaper, sleeper, sleep sack, sheet, mattress cover…all drenched. Not only does this gross me out because I’m not good with body fluids (yes, I am a fantastic mother, why do you ask?), it makes me feel bad for the poor kid because sleeping in a wet sleeper can’t be comfortable (even though she wakes up perfectly happy in the morning, wet or dry). But really, who knew so much could come out of someone so little? And honestly, what are my options here? I know they make overnight diapers, but they’re not available in our current size. I almost feel like I need to start waking her up in the middle of the night, just to change her diaper. But, then again, I’m not a crazy glutton for punishment, so the chances of that happening are very slim. And making her sleep on a puppy pee pad probably isn’t the best method of parenting. And that’s pretty much all I’ve got at the moment.

So, right now we’re going with the morning bath and daily load of laundry option. But believe me, I’m certainly open to suggestions.

Because the puppy pee pad is sounding better and better.


  1. Love the pee soaked stuff. We are still going through that, but Tyler doesn't sleep through. A couple of things that have helped us...
    1. Layers and more layers...I put three sets of sheets and sheet savers that I got at BRUs (they're like large burp cloths that are waterproof) on the bed at one time. I put 2 against each other so if he moves the sheets below are protected. Then when it happens, it's a quick change in the middle of the night or in the am. Still lots of laundry but it might get you another couple of days.
    2. Before Tyler fit in the overnight diapers and even for a while afterwards - did I mention he pees alot - I used to buy Diaper Doublers. Their like pad liners for diapers. Not adhesive or anything, you just put them inside the diaper. They help, but sometimes he was a 2 doubler.
    Lastly, on the Huggies overnight diapers,they may work even though she doesn't make the weight. Tyler wears at least one size larger than his regular diapers, due to the saturation. I have to overlap the tabs at his waist.

  2. Love your blog. It cracks me up everytime!

    On the bedwetting, try the next size diapers...or the plastic pants that are made to go over cloth diapers...or a different brand of diapers..or the diaper doublers...heck, I've even tried a super absorbant maxi-pad.
    can you tell I've been through this recently:)

    ps. enjoy your kid-free weekend! I'm jealous!

    Jennie Henry


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