Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring in the South

Want to know what I did this weekend?


And I enjoyed every minute of it.

(Obviously, this was just an event for Steve and I, and Brigid didn’t come along. But, in the spirit of full disclosure, if I could have found a way to photoshop a picture of the baby into a picture of the crowd, I totally would have done it just to freak my parents out. They may not have appreciated the joke, but I would have found it hilarious.)

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  1. Although Brigid did not make it to this race, I do hope you plan on introducing her to one of the favorite pastimes of her redneck half from Indiana. It would make me so proud to see her in a number "14" Stewart onesie at some point. And maybe on the next visit up here, we can start planting the seed for her first words to be "Kyle Busch sucks." Miss you and love you guys! Jess


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