Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bouncy Swing

We have a new winner in the category of BEST! TOY! EVER!!! Brigid absolutely loves this thing, if you can't tell by the delighted giggles and squeals coming out of that tiny body. Not to mention the general thrashing around that she seems to do every time she realizes her feet touch the ground.

She's a trip, this kid...

Honestly, when I was making my way through the long, drawn-out, and extremely confusing process that is the baby registry,* this item wasn't really on my list of things I thought I needed. I was so very, very, very wrong. WRONG! It is obviously something that we can't live without.

So, as the video says (several times, as a matter of fact) thanks Uncle Greggy...great call :)

*Seriously, the whole not drinking when you're pregnant thing is just a cruel joke on pregnant women. Between registering and picking out baby furniture, nobody needs a glass of wine more than the mother-to-be. Because trying to navigate your way through the thousands of items available for baby while trying to cling to some shred of sanity is absolutely impossible. Some things are in this store, some things are in that store, some things are only online, and for some things, you just have to use your imagination. And the reviews! Helpful, but not really helpful. This person couldn't live without it, but that person thinks it's absolute junk that only crazy people would spend money on, while this person thinks that the people that don't like it just aren't doing it right. I had a nervous breakdown about swings. Or pack n' plays. I don't remember. I do remember feeling remarkably certain that all of Brigid's health and happiness hinged on making the right decision, and after hearing Steve say (for the 500th time that day) 'It's up to you,' a mild panic attack (and some yelling) may have ensued. Steve even asked my friend Lynsey to call me to talk me off of the ledge, and she thought something was seriously wrong. I think she even laughed at me when she found out what I was actually freaking out about. Not helpful, Lynsey. Not helpful at all. (Kidding, of course! It was amazingly helpful because I realized what an idiot I was being. A swing or pack n' play does not make or break a kid. I think. Or hope. Whatever. Hugs and kisses, Lyns!)

Anyway, thank goodness all of that is over, and I'm back to my calm, collected self.

Right, Steve-o?


  1. Real attractive breathing in the background by the videographer...who is that??

  2. i still remember the text i received from steve.. i really thought you were upset about something very very serious.. although i should have realized that was a serious matter.. it is hard when you are removed from the situation and not pregnant.. now that i am pregnant again i have had many meltdowns, non of which are life threatening or serious!


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