Thursday, December 30, 2010

I want my mommy.

My family left this morning, and I'm bummed. I miss them when they're gone, and I wish they could have stayed longer. Yes, I even wish my baby sister Mary (who I think absolutely qualifies as my baby sister, even at almost seventeen) was still here, even though she kicked my butt in Push Rum several times over the course of the visit and hoarded so many cards during our last game last night that I threatened her with no birthday presents at all for the next six years. At least.

It did no good.

Anyway, my parents like late nights, especially on such a short trip, so I'm tired. I have no good stories. And I still haven't gone through my 'real camera' pictures from Christmas.

But, well, I do have these...

Have I mentioned that Brigid's favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas? I don't know how it happened, but she is obsessed with the opening number. She claps along with all of the Halloween townfolk when Jack Skellington emerges from the cauldron of green goo. She will sit through the next five minutes of the movie, just to get to the 'What's This?' song. It's the only thing I've seen (non-Elmo related) that will keep her entertained for 20 minutes when we're in the car. She loves it so much, she forgets to be pissed that she's strapped into her car seat. That doesn't happen very often.

Also? There's this...

Steve went to the American Girl store, of his own volition, because he wanted to be the first to get her one of these dolls. We are never the first to get her anything, because the grandparents are nuts, but gosh darnit, Steve won this round. I still haven't been to the American Girl store, but I guess we have some time ahead of us. I love that place. I feel like I will be giving them a lot of my money in the coming years, just as much for things that I want as for things that Brigid wants.

How do you make sure your kid isn't spoiled, when her parents are basically big kids, themselves?

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