Monday, February 14, 2011

And a happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

In general, Steve and I aren't really big on Valentine's Day as a holiday. For starters, we've been together for, oh, about ten years now, and these days, Brigid kind of eats into any of our free time anyway (apparently, that happens with kids...), so it's not really a priority for us.  But even before that, between his birthday on the 3rd, my birthday on the 18th, and the fact that I don't do Hallmark holidays (Sweetest Day, I'm looking at you, too...), we've always just kind of rolled it into one big night out for everything.

It works for us.

And, although we're not doing much by way of gifts this year, I think the fifteen bags of yard waste currently sitting on the curb in front of my house and the clean car I drove in to work this morning are more than I could ask for on Valentine's Day today.

Thank you, Steve, for being you.  And happy Valentine's Day, from all of your girls!

(That would be me, B, Riley, and Peyton, of course...)

And extra kisses, from Brigid!

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