Friday, February 4, 2011

The Month That Was - January

So. January. 2011. 

You came. You went. 

You would have been a lot more fun if you were June, or something.

I kid, I kid! I love all of you months, equally, I promise.

January brought the good old winter weather with it, this time around. Which I would have absolutely expected. If I still lived in Indiana. Or Ohio. Or anywhere other than Georgia. But we survived the snomageddon! Or the snopocalypse! Or whatever you'd call it when six inches of snow and a little bit of ice paralyzes an entire city for over a week! 

And Brigid even got to go sledding . So all was not lost.

Speaking of Brigid, she's off the bottle, on to books , still above average, and a newly minted zoo member.

Me? I lost my mind over the snow , over Brigid growing up too fast, over Brigid not growing up fast enough, over just about anything that I felt like losing my mind over. 

February resolution? RELAX! For the love of all that is good, I need to relax.

Steve is still Steve, and really, would I even want it any other way?

Here's to a great January, and an even better February.

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