Friday, February 18, 2011

What did people do before camera phones existed?

If it wasn't for my iPhone, I wouldn't have caught moments like this:

Well, that last one was courtesy of Steve, but the point is still the same...

My kid...she's really, really cute. 

And iPhones are awesome.


  1. SO CUTE. I know, our iPhones have created a lot of memories for us! TGFiP!

    And S is jealous of B's hair.

  2. YES, SOoooooo cute!

    I know, it's just funny that we used to be able to fit one full years worth of pictures into one photo album when we were little. Nowadays, I need like one whole photo album just for pictures from a week. It's crazy the amount of photos I take of P! All because of digital cameras with unlimited memory and iphones. Remember back in the day when you could only take 24 pictures on one roll of film, then had to wait 3 days to get them back from the photo lab?

    Anyway, happy birthday, Tara!!! :)

  3. LOOOOOOVE these pictures! I have no idea what people did before camera phones and digital cameras and such. Well, especially iPhones! I don't think I could live without mine now. Some of the BEST pictures were taken with my iPhone!

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