Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last weekend, I would have been all, 'Go run around in the yard, kid, it's nice out!'

Steve said, 'Hey, let's take Brigid to the zoo!'

Point, Steve.

Tuesday night was my night to give Brigid a bath, a task that's becoming a harrowing experience due to the squirming and the (attempted) standing and the splashing and the randomly turning on the shower when you least expect it. But as I was running around, trying to get a load of laundry put away before we started down that dangerous bath path, Steve stepped in to cover for me. And ended up getting showered in the process...

Point, Steve.

On Mondays, Steve works from home now. Between watching Brigid, participating in several conference calls, and finding time to actually complete some of that work stuff he was supposed to be doing, he managed to empty the dishwasher.*

No point, though, Steve, because, geez...that's just expected of you. Duh.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say, dear, is that Brigid and I love you very much, and even if we don't always show it, we do kind of appreciate you more than we let on...

Although, I'm not going to lie, we'd probably appreciate you a heck of a lot more if we could get you to change a #2 diaper from time to time.

I'm just saying...

Happy birthday, Zoolander!

*among other things, of's just that the dishwasher always seems to be a constant point of contention in my household, so I was slightly shocked by this...

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  1. You are SO cute. What a fun post! Hope you have a great birthday celebration!


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