Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day with Daddy

Today's Brigid pictures are brought to you by Steve, who now works from home on Mondays, and as such, got to spend Valentine's Day with his very special valentine. From what I can tell, the day was a success. There were presents and cheese samples and lollipops, which sounds like the perfect day to me, so I'm sure Brigid had a good time.

Well, minus the absolutely enormous goose egg on poor B's forehead from a spill on the sidewalk during the outside portion of the afternoon, that is, but I am not going to bring that up or explain how Brigid always hold my hand when she's on the sidewalk with me or anything like that, because on Friday, something will happen, and Brigid will get hurt, and I will get a big "Sucks, doesn't it?" from my dear husband. And I don't really want to deal with that. Besides, it would just be mean to bring it up, right?

Anyway, the pair of them went grocery shopping (see: cheese samples, above) for my very special Monday dinner, and I will not detail just how much I ate here, as Steve is already making fun of me all over Facebook for it, but I will say it involved more than one dozen baked oysters. Because Steve bought them fresh (Well, fresh for Georgia, anyway. I try not to think about that too hard...). In the shell. Then spent an hour shucking them. And baking them. And they were AMAZING.

I love that my husband loves to cook. Heaven knows one of us needs to be able to feed this family.

Also? I may have changed my mind on that seafood restaurant request I made for my birthday dinner. Even I have my limits.

Dress: Ralph Lauren Outlet
Sweater: Old Navy
Shoes: Gap Kids
Pigtails: All Dad


  1. Oh my word, those pictures are precious. What a sweet face! It sounds like they had a great day and you had a great evening too! Yay!

  2. Wow...looking back I did a pretty poor job with those pigtails

  3. Brigid's outfit is just too adorable! Ralph Lauren? FANCY!

  4. Love the pigtails!!! My husband is going to start staying home with the two boys two days a week soon an I cannot wait to see the results!

  5. I'm so jealous of her sweater! I want one just like it! And Little S. is super sad that she's older than B and can't even have half of those pigtails!!!


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