Friday, December 3, 2010

Decisions, decisions

So, as I was going over the journal I kept while I was pregnant, I realized something...

I was a whiny, obnoxious git.

This whole flashback thing might not last very long.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
I went to the doctor today, and the forms I had to fill out asked me if I had any new medical information to add…surgeries, illnesses, etc.  I wrote that I thought I was pregnant.  After I peed in a cup and the nurse came in to take my blood pressure reading, she said “Happy birthday and congratulations.  You are definitely pregnant.”  Good times.  She also proceeded to ask me if this was a good thing or not.  She looked relieved when I said yes.  I’m supposed to go back on March 13th for all of the baby tests, so that’s something to look forward to.  The only problem is that my doctor doesn't deliver at Northside Hospital, which is apparently the only place I should ever consider giving birth, according to everyone I know who has ever given birth in the city of Atlanta.  So there may be a change in doctor in my future…

I decided to tell immediate family, once I received the official confirmation, and since everyone would be calling to wish me a happy birthday anyway, today seemed as good a time as any. All in all, everything went pretty well.  My family is excited for me (apparently, Mary is in a little bit of shock, too, but that’s just because she’s used to being the baby, I think), and I have some people I can call and complain to. Only 2 more months before I can tell everyone else!

Thursday, February 19, 2009
I was fine in the morning, followed by nothing but nausea all afternoon.  I hate progesterone. 

Friday, February 20, 2009
Morning sickness today, perfectly fine this afternoon.  Oh, the unpredictability.  Mom called today to see how I was feeling.  She’s mad because I won’t let her tell the rest of the family the news yet, but apparently she’s made up for it by telling some of the teachers she works with, instead, because she said she had to tell someone.  Getting a little antsy, that one...

Asleep on the couch at 9:30pm.  I told our friends Steve was sick, so we couldn’t go out with them. I am a rockin’ good time these days.
Saturday, February 21, 2009
We toured Northside Hospital this afternoon.  I was the only member of the group who wasn’t due in the next month or two, so when it came time for my introduction, I made sure everyone knew a possible doctor switch was involved, so we were getting a head start.  I’m sure they all thought I was a complete tool.  I blame Steve.

Asleep on the couch at 10:30.  My sister is going to have an awesome time when she comes in next weekend!

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