Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Diet

We are raising Brigid up right, here in our lovely little household.  We know how to celebrate the holidays, and we're passing everything we know on to our little angel.  Music, books, decorations, seasonally appropriate outfits...we've got it all covered.  Diet?  Oh yeah...



Giant sausages?

Check and check.

Advent calendar chocolate, St. Nicholas Day tangerines, meatballs in barbecue sauce, various dips, they've all gone over like gang-busters.  The only holiday staple we've missed so far has been the egg-nog, but I expect that to go over just as well as the rest.  We'll have to give her the straight stuff, though...she needs a couple of Christmases under her belt before we let her graduate to the spiked bottle.

We save that for the professionals.

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  1. that giant sausage! My kids have been living on chocolate hannukah gelt, christmas cookies, seven layer dip(the only thing I make for potlucks) wonderful


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