Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Resolutions: Family Edition

This isn't so much a list of resolutions as it is a 2011 to-do list. But I think 'resolutions' sounds less like nagging and more like things I want to change for myself, even though some of these are technically for Steve...

1) Fix the backyard. Or, more accurately, get a backyard, since 'yard' is not a term I'd use to describe what's behind our house. Hill rising out of a mudpit, might be more appropriate, due to the ridiculous drainage issues we currently have. Seriously, you should see the river that runs through it when it rains. This will be the year we change that! Brigid needs an outdoor play area that doesn't involve the street, I think.

Of course, this all hinges on money, but I will find a way to make it better, somehow.

2) Organize Brigid's playroom. This is already in process, but I want to put something on this list that I know I will accomplish this year. Because that's how I roll.

3) Organize the office. We've lived in our house for almost three years now, and that room is still kind of a mess. It's our dumping ground, and that's probably not a good thing. That will change!

4) Organize the kitchen. For the love, I am an unorganized mess. This little project would involve cleaning out the kitchen cabinets (which need to be emptied of old stuff like nonstick skillets with the nonstick peeling off to make room for the new nonstick skillets with the nonstick intact) and the pantry (which needs to be emptied of small kitchen appliances that are not used on an everyday basis. I can find a better location for these things. I know I can!!).

5) Fold all laundry when it comes out of the dryer, not a week later, after it's been sitting in the laundry basket so long that I need to finally fold it because it is time to do laundry all over again, and I will be refilling said basket. This is an annoying personal habit of mine that I am determined to change. Also? The fact that I have had a load of laundry in the dryer, waiting to be folded, for almost 24 hours now does not count.

6) Stick to the budget! We do not need all of the miscellaneous crap that we buy on a weekly basis. I currently have 305 unused candles at my house, but I will not hesitate to buy more, if the price is right. The problem? The price is never right! Because I have 305 unused candles already! Unless you are paying me to buy anymore damn candles, I DO NOT NEED THEM! You could probably replace candles with just about anything else you find at Target, and it would work in this situation. I buy too much crap. Please note, this does not mean I want you to stop buying these things for me, I will just no longer be buying them for myself.

7) Enroll Brigid and I in some sort of mommy and me activity for our Fridays together. I am lazy. Brigid will get bored with me. I should probably do something about that. See also: get a frackin' library card so my mother-in-law can finally take Brigid to the toddler activity hour at our local library, like she has been wanting to do for months...

8) Institute some kind of weekly or monthly date night with my dear husband (details to be determined, obviously). Because just sitting on two separate couches in the same room after the baby goes to bed while watching tv or perusing the internet does not quality time make.

Oh, 2011, you think you're so tough? Bring it on, buster.

I'm ready for you.

If you're at all interested in my personal, non-family, related goals for 2011, feel free to visit me here.

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  1. That's a brilliant list, more pragmatic and absolutely achievable!


    Happy, Happy New Year!



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