Monday, December 6, 2010

This and That

Anyone know of a good recipe for this?

Oh, white elephant gift slay me so!


Ever tried to give a toddler an angry look after she hits you in the face with a toy, only to find it impossible not to laugh at how funny she thinks she’s being?

Yeah, me neither.


I think we should all try to be more like this guy:

And I really think your neighbors would agree.


Once again, dad needs to step away from the business of toddler fashion decision making…


I went out twice this weekend. Twice! Friday night, Steve and I went to the Cirque Dreams holiday show with his mom and sister, as part of our Broadway series in Atlanta season ticket package. I have to say, this is not on my list of shows I’d like to see again. It was like a compilation of cheesy basketball game halftime shows, with a quick change act, some jump-ropers, and a bicycle thrown in for good measure. All we needed was a dog chasing Frisbees, and my night would have been complete.

The highlight of the night? Well, for those of us not sitting next to him, anyway? The crazy man in our row who became just a bit too involved in the show (in every show, basically…he’s a season ticket holder too, so we’ve had some experiences with him), to the point that he jumped out of his seat at the slightest provocation, while shouting ‘COME ON!’ (loudly, I might add) at every change of clothes the quick change artists presented to the audience. Seriously, has he never seen America’s Got Talent? This stuff is old news, man.

Saturday night, I went out with some friends for what was supposed to be dinner and drinks at a small Mexican restaurant. Except that we had an hour+ wait for a table, so it turned into drinks and dinner. And by the time we finally sat down to eat, I was so hungry, I basically ate my weight in chips and cheese and guacamole, in addition to my dinner order. And when I finally came up for air, I was so tired and full that I wanted nothing more than to be magically transported to my bed, no travel necessary. In fact, my car was at my sister-in-law’s house, and I legitimately considered sleeping on her couch or calling Steve to come get me because I couldn’t fathom how I was going to stay awake for the three mile drive back to my own house. That’s how tired I was after dinner.

So, imagine my shock when I got in the car and realized that it was only 9:30! On a Saturday night!

My college self would be so embarrassed of me right now.


  1. i so want to go to a white elephant now! i love love love picking out the perfect gift for those. and by perfect i mean craziest/least wanted;)hahah!

  2. Seriously, I always fill up on the chips and salsa before even ordering. It's just so good!


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