Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brigid's Future

So, who wants to help me buy a piano?

Steve and I have decided that we need to have one in the house, because Brigid...well, I don't want to seem like I'm bragging or anything, but Brigid is a music prodigy! I mean, how many 14-month olds do you know that love music and will sing and dance along with almost any song that comes on the radio?

Wait, what? That's pretty common? Damn it! And here I thought we were heading for Juilliard...

No matter. I am still a big believer in music having a place in a child's development, and besides, Brigid will need a hobby as she gets older, plus a talent when she starts the pageant circuit in a few years.* And to be completely honest with you...with Steve and I as parents, the kid will most likely be lacking in the coordination and grace department, which rules out almost all sports and any form of dance. And then you throw in our complete lack of artistic ability and my inability to carry a tune in a bucket, and there you have it...

Musical instruments it is!

Or, chess, I guess.

No, I'd much rather sit through a piano recital than a chess match, I think. Although, I've never actually sat through a piano recital or a chess match, so maybe I should do some more research on this? No. Definitely a piano. I've played the piano. I understand the basics of the piano. I can read music. This is something we can do together. Chess? Waaaaaay over my head.

Piano. Definitely piano.

Now who has several extra thousands of dollars lying around that they'd like to donate to the cause?

*So, so, so totally joking here. Unless, you know, she can earn herself a whole (one-time) $100 scholarship for being the smartest Jr. Miss contestant or something, like some people she might know (*cough*me*cough*) or win the same scholarship for writing the best essay in that same Jr. Miss 'scholarship competition' (albeit, 5 years later) like some other people she might know (*cough*Auntie Jess*cough*). Then we might consider it.

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