Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bath Time!

Tuesday night, as Brigid sits in a draining bathtub, making as much of a mess as she can in the little water that is left:

Me: Ready to get out, Bug?

Brigid: Na (accompanied by a very emphatic head shake)

Me: Come on, kiddo.  It's time to get out.

Brigid: Na (more head shaking, this time accompanied by fake splashing)

Me: Aren't you cold, Bug?  There's no water left!

Brigid: makes Brigid kissing faces at me...

Me: Aw, does mommy get a kiss?!?!

Brigid: Na (now with head shaking, fake splashing, and giggling)

Me: Do you want to go get your monkey?

Brigid: turns and immediately reaches for me to get her out of the tub.

Moral of the story?  Brigid is rotten, her first word is apparently no, and mommy gets no kisses, but the monkey gets priority response.  And on a completely related note...I maybe need to look into picking up another damn monkey or two.  Think it will have the same effect when we're discussing curfew sixteen years down the road?

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