Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh, hello there...

Well, Christmas happened. 

And I absolutely meant to record all of the happenings here in my little corner of the internet, but...well...I absolutely didn't get around to it.  Instead, I went on vacation, and I got all wrapped up in celebrating the holiday, and I didn't feel like stopping the celebrating to write about any of it.  So, I guess I will now wrap it up with the following list of Things That Happened Over Christmas...

Presented in chronological order:
1) We went to the outlet mall and Wal-Mart two days before Christmas...and we lived to tell the tale.

2) We went back to the outlet mall on Christmas Eve, because we are gluttons for punishment.

3) We went to the early evening Christmas Eve mass for kids, thinking all of the other kids around Brigid would give her enough entertainment to keep her from acting up.  And they did.  Up until the closing song, when B threw her snack container halfway across the church.  Which occurred shortly after she presented me with a diaper full of poo during the Lord's Prayer.  I guess you could call it a success...

4) Brigid got waaaay too comfortable with the unwrapping of presents.  Need a present unwrapped?  She's your kid.

5) We were snowed in at the in-laws' house.  First white Christmas since 1882...I was not as thrilled with this as the rest of the greater Atlanta area appeared to be.  I MOVED AWAY FROM SNOW!!!

Or not.  Whatever.  Bastards.  It's getting harder and harder to convince my parents I moved south for the weather when this is going on...

6) Speaking of parents...my parents are visiting!  Time with my parents, without having to entertain B in the car for hours in order to get it?  Sounds like the perfect Christmas to me.

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and that Santa was as good to you and your family as he was to mine!

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