Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Month That Was - November

Brigid can point out her nose, her eyes, and her belly button.  She can also show you mommy and daddy's nose, eyes, and belly buttons, if you ask her.  She poses for the camera.  She asks for nom-noms when she gets hungry or thirsty.  She can open doors without any help from anyone, which stresses me out to no end.  It's a lot harder to corral her these days, what with all of the walking and the houdini-ing out of belts and straps and entire rooms now.

Brigid made her fourth (Maybe?  I can't quite keep track these days...) trip to Indiana.  She celebrated her second Thanksgiving, in much better fashion than her first.  We decorated for Christmas and visited Santa Claus, and generally set the poor kid up for a lifetime of over-excitement regarding my favorite holiday.  She loves the Christmas tree and the Nativity set and all of the singing stuffed animals.  Her dancing?  Maybe the funniest thing I've ever seen.

We've officially  moved from baby to toddler, which is a little more than I was ready for, but once again, I haven't been ready for any milestone we've hit, so this shouldn't come as a surprise.  

Steve and I snuck in a date night at the end of the month, leaving Brigid with his mother so we could go see a movie together.  This whole date night thing?  It might be something we need to start doing more of.  For people who are always in the same area at the same time (and I do mean always, since he works right down the hall from me), we really don't see that much of each other.  It's kind of weird...

But November, it was a pretty good month.  This next month?  There are parties and presents and a children's mass on the agenda.  A possible visit from my parents to look forward to.  A couple of days spent at the lake with all of Steve's family. Another new year to start.

I can hardly wait!

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